The best way to burn calories, is to plan on the best time to do it, either in the morning or evenings, but most time it is impossible if you live in a small apartment or share a room especially to new college students, if you still want to keep fit or you want to lose weight,

Here are 10 slimming workout for small spaces

slimming workoutsJumping Rope

Start easy, yes you did it, you used to do it when in middle school, jumping rope does not require special skills or a trainer, this exercise is amazing for the body,

Jumping rope basically exercising both the upper and the lower body part, a 30 minutes exercise is sure to shred 350 calories while quickly boosting the heart rate, if still you have a limited space to swing the rope, or the room is packed with valuables that cannot be easily be moved, Ghost jumping is another option, just pretend to be jumping the rope with the same phase and movement

Suspension Training

Suspension training is a perfect at home training and is one of the 10 slimming workout for small spaces, this by use of the special nylon straps that can be hooked anywhere at the room, behind the door or the walls,

The straps allows you to exercise on more than 100 body exercise to slim the body by killing the calories, for any exercise you do from head to toes be sure the stomach is sorted, because the strap require balancing hence abs exercise anytime, the strap weigh around 2 pound and is flexible to be stashed anywhere.

Step Aerobics

one of 10 slimming workouts for small spaces is Step aerobics is a well-coordinated movement in certain pattern on an elevated platform, this can be achieved by using any elevated to make a step platform, and well-choreographed steps in aerobic classes will definitely do wonders by working to strengthen the knees to the upper part of the legs

, if you are committed to step while watching something on the TV, buy the step Aerobics trainer video for guidance and you can work at home , stepping burn 300 to 400 calories during high intensity 30 minutes session.

Kick Boxing

Another one of the best 10 slimming workouts for small spaces is Kick boxing, using choreographed moves or creating a perfect boxing and kicking coordination is excellent workout routine.

If this is the first time, no worries before kicking, start by boxing until you are able to strengthen the hands and shoulder, then work on the feet coordination, jumping rope is the best to work on the coordination, a vigorous one hour training and exercise is proved to burn 800 to 1000 calories, this training not only slims your body but build up muscles and also sharpen the brain, is also good for Cardio

Body workout

The body is the best workout equipment for small space workouts for slimming, there are several workout styles that your body can really help, this includes pushups, planks and pushups, squats, mountain climbers, sit ups, mixing all these in sets is fantastic for the abs,

Try doing 3 sets of 10 reps for every move not shorter than 20 seconds, to boost calories burn, minimize the rests between every move by adding a minute cardio blast like stretching or jumping, pushups are fantastic for your chest, squats and lunges exercise will strengthen the leg muscles and butt.

 Kettlebells workout

This is one of the best 10 slimming workouts for small spaces, if done for around 30 minutes, this work out delivers more fat-fighting and body-toning benefits, says Sarah Lurie the author of Kettlebells for Dummies.

Kettlebells burns twice the amount of calories of up to 400, the kettlebell is attached to the any home gym arsenal, this will give you a cardiovascular and body strength workout at the same time, with a week disciplined routine will transform the body and work every muscular group in the body burning up the fat and shape up the body just like that.

Barre Workout

barre workoutsThis exercise is normally done using a stationary handrail, but can also be executed using stuff found in the house; this can be the table, kitchen table, a chair of any elevated part on the wall,

The Ballet-derived exercise strengthen your deepest belly muscles than any other abs exercise, it pulls the waist like a corset, toning the arms, while lifting your butt and trimming the thighs,

If you want that perfect posture muscles at home then Barre work is one of the 10 slimming workouts for small spaces and will also enable you to stand straighter

Indoor cycling

If traffic is a factor that hinders you to use that bicycle, or you manage to come home after dark, then here is the new trick to workout using that stationary bicycle,

Set up a rear-wheel trainer, this locks on the rear hub and elevates the back wheel of the bicycle off the ground offering bicycle balance, and will also prevent the damage of the floor of carpet, now you are set to ride while watching your favorite program,

A 30 minutes cycling will guarantee you a 480 calories burn, confirms Andrew Bernstein, the gear editor for Bicycling Magazine.


yogaYoga is a great calories burner, you did not know, now you know, yoga just require that small space, small enough to stretch your body.

If you have an idea of any part of yoga then you are sorted, repeated moves that engage the whole or large muscles of the body, the Chair pose and crescent Lunge or by incorporating the lower from high plank, flow forward to upward facing dog, then press back to downward facing dog.

Yoga for beginners is also available in DVD, which will give you the best accurate yoga moves to start as you move to more complex moves.

 Wall Climbing and stretching

Invest on wall climbing if you have an extended wall at home, this does not require one to be super strong to nail this activity, start by doing the stretching, this flexibility training improves the fitness level and also reduce the risk for injury and joint problems,

Most of this can be invented using ply wood, and equipment around the home, if it is not possible you can always order to be constructed in your home, just a small one to start with.

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