10 Ways to Bounce Back from Holiday Splurge

holiday splurgeDuring holidays there are plenty to eat. It is the time that many people engage in not so smart eating habits. The parties, the dinners and the cravings for snacks are unavoidable. What follows after such holiday binge are the risk of unwanted wait gain or a developed appetite. Food experts always advice people to prevent holiday food binge by thinking like thin people. It is a known fact that many thin people rarely suffer from eating disorders, however, it is not wrong to overeat once in a while. After having a holiday food binge, all you need are 10 ways to bounce back from a holiday splurge. The tips will help individuals to bounce back in a healthy way, read, memorize and follow them:

Have the Right State of Mind

This is the first step to a final come back, since the success of the process depend largely on how far a person believes that the process is possible. People are always reluctant to exercise, however one need light workouts to help sweat off itchy bloats. There are also stress reliefs that come that come with morning practice. This good feeling helps the mind to relax and function appropriately. When one makes it an habit to take few walks in the morning, the body will become physically advantaged thus stabilizing the mind. It is important to note that most food binge are caused by too much excitement which is a function of the mind.

Take Potassium and Protein For Breakfast

This is the most convenient method, among the 10 ways to bounce back from a holiday splurge. Have solid meal in the morning to help prevent any food graving during the day. Heavy meal for breakfast keeps one satisfied for the better part of the day. Research has also shown that taking protein in the morning gives the staying power that enable people to mind less about eating. Protein such as eggs when taken every morning for breakfast will help in weight loss while giving adequate energy. In addition, Potassium helps to clear accumulated puffs by off setting the effects of bloating caused by sodium.

Eat Natural Food

Another research conducted in Sweden found that unsweetened green tea helps in satisfying individual appetite. They reason that when one takes caffeinated green tea, the person get filled with liquid volume that will help in suppressing hunger. So take chilled glass or warm mug of green tea every time you take breakfast, lunch, and late night meals, make sure to make it a routine for the meals. Another value of green tea is that it slightly reduces individual’s metabolism that facilitates less appetite with high calories burning. It may be hard to completely switch off to this habit, however one should stay focus and always remember the ultimate goal of come back

Take Hot Sauce

Adding specific condiments and seasonings such as fresh jarred hot pepper, hot sauce and cayenne pepper to meals helps in suppressing individual appetite while slightly boosting metabolism. Whenever those who are not used to eating spices start doing so, they gradually loose weight along the way. For instance, seasoned soup with � teaspoon of cayenne pepper will help in burning extra 10 calories in every meal. To make a spicy spread, sprinkle sliced hot peppers into mixing hot sauce or salads then add the mixture into hummus. One can also use chipotle peppers or minced jalapenos to omelets, stir-fries, marinades, and low fat chicken.

Focus More on Veggies

Non starchy vegetables like spinach, carrots, mushrooms, green beans and cauliflower provide high content of water and fiber which will get you satisfied with fewer calories. Have a cup of veggies during breakfast and 2 cups during lunch and dinner. Nevertheless, avoid starchy veggies like potatoes, winter squash and peas which are feared for bloat. It requires high level of self discipline and commitment in order to stay on course. Even when a person has less appetite for vegetables, it is advisable to gradually develop interest and enjoy the process. Veggies are easy to prepare, so it is advisable to include it in the family recipe.

Keep Food Diary

It is advisable to eat according to the plan. Just like spending money, eating habits can also be guided by a well thought diary. Include all needed nutrients in the diary and strictly follow them. Many people always find themselves falling into food binge not because they love to but as a result of the situation they find themselves into. A person may be influenced into overheating by friends, relatives and colleagues; however, with a food diary the person would be reminded of the diet. Having a diet is one of the 10 ways to bounce back from a holiday splurge that are easy to keep and follow.

Consult Food Expert

Seeking the services of a food expert will relieve you the trouble of finding out what to do or not to do. Food experts will advice according to the level of food binge. Most of them always enroll their clients into therapy session in order to give a lasting solution. They say that holiday splurge is like any other sickness and should be contained before it develops into a habit. The therapy enables individuals to develop skills that would help them to stay alert. Many people who complete the therapy always turn out to be greatest dieters and develop better eating habits.

Avoid Grazing

Keep up consistent eating intervals so as to prevent feeling hungry. If a person starves for long, the cravings become part and parcel of the person’s thoughts. Cravings are found to contribute largely to food binge because a hungry person would eat any time and any quantity of food with out much consideration of the consequences. When one follows strictly an eating interval, the person learn to eat only at specified times, thus, developing a habit out of that. In most cases many people find it hard to stay on course but at least it is very encouraging to correct the mistake immediately.

Eat With an Objective

This is not a popular idea; however, it is necessary to understand why one has to take certain type of food. Ask how a given diet is beneficial to your body��s day to day operation. Many people eat for mere satisfaction while it is essential to take a well balanced diet that helps the body to nourish and stay healthy. Before taking any dish find out the nutrients composition in it, and avoid taking a diet that one is not used to. This rule will help individuals to develop better eating habits and self discipline. Many would ask how this is possible with the busy schedules and varying life situations, yes, it is a challenge but falling once in a while is not dangerous.

Be Irritated By Overeating.

One has to be upset by the habit of food binge. This is because the best way to stay safe and sound is by hating the practice. Every time one is tempted to fall back into the old ways, find a reason to fight back by asking whether the idea is necessary or not. By keeping away the thought of overeating, one will develop an attitude which will guide against the vice. Always remind yourself of the right thing to do and keep the picture of the consequences that would accompany overeating. This idea may sound drastic but it has helped many people to become psychologically prepared.

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