6 Eating Rules for Faster Weight Loss

faster weight lossThose who wish to lose weight are often dismayed at how long it takes to lose. In order to lose weight more quickly should follow some of the following tips for weight loss. Some of the ways to do this is to practice the following tips until they are second nature.Some of the ways to lose weight are well documented. There are some tried and true ways to lose and following some or all of the tips that have been proven to help with weight loss is the thing to do. 6 eating rules for faster weight loss are as follows:

1) One of the most important things to do when jump starting your weight loss plan make sure that you eat at less 20 grams of fiber today. Fiber should be in the form of vegetables, fruit and whole grain foods. This is important to do, and studies have proven that those who eat adequate fiber feel fuller do not have the temptation to get full on refined carbohydrates white flour, sugars and processed foods. This is the reason to make fruits and vegetable the main stay of your dieting efforts. Researchers suspect that a larger amount of fiber leads to greater weight loss overtime. Individuals should take advantage of several servings of vegetables and fruits to give the the fiber they need when taking part in a weight loss plan.

2) Other of the 6 eating rules for faster weight loss is to eat at least 3 servings of vitamin D rich foods per day. You may want to even consider the use of a Vitamin D supplement. The recommended servings are 1,000 mg of calcium for women and men. Vitamin D may come in the form of low fat milk, cottage cheese or other Vitamin D rich foods. Not only will this food help you stay fuller longer it also is a great cancer preventative. Most people tend not to get enough vitamin D as they age, and this is helpful for health considerations as well. Make sure that you drink milk or have a dairy alternative. Make eating foods high in Vitamin D a part of your weight loss program. Evidence also points out that too little Vitamin D interferes with the hormone leptin that tells us when we should be full. 19 to 50 years old should have 1,000 mg of calcium and 200 of Vitamin D. Those ages 51 plus should have 1,200 mg of calcium as well as 200 mgs of D per day. Over 70 600 mgs of vitamin D should be sufficient. For those who don’t like milk or cant digest it, milk alternatives, or a supplement may be helpful in terms of making sure that you can get the necessary vitamin D.

3) Another option you can find when you are choosing to lose weight is to take advantage of good fats. These are the fats found in healthy foods like avocados, olive oils and chocolate. Healthy fats can lead to decreased consumption of fatty foods that are not so healthy. Healthy fats are good for your heart as well. Make sure you get the foods that taste great and can help with weight loss efforts. Aim for 1,300 mg of omega 3 fatty acids either coming from foods containing these healthy oils, or from supplements that have healthy oils as part of their make up.

healthy eating for fast weight loss4) Another of the 6 eating rules for faster weight loss to take advantage of when looking to lose weight faster is to eat protein. Don’t forget the protein! This is something that is fundamentally important to weight loss efforts. Make sure that you have at least 3 servings of lean protein per day. This would be chicken, lean beef, fish or poultry. Protein also goes along way to help curb your appetite and will help your weight loss efforts accordingly. Protein is one of the building blocks of the body, and something you can do to make sure that you have that all important fullness factor that will help with your weight loss efforts. Remember that is losing weight it is important not to feel hungry. Feeling hungry often leads individuals to begin to indulge in the foods that are not part of their weight loss efforts.

5) Tip number 5 of the 6 eating rules for faster weight loss is making sure that you have a successful weight loss effort and speed up your metabolism as much as possible,by drinking water. Studies have shown that drinking water, at least 4 cups per day leads to a 5 pound weight loss over the course of a year. This works in two ways. Number one the body has to work harder to burn calories and also it helps fill you up. it is really true that water is beneficial. It also helps individuals to not fill up on sugary sodas and soft drinks. Individuals who tend to drink their calories in the form of beverages also will eat more overall than if they have a solid snack. So, drink sufficient water and watch the pounds start to fall off.

6) Last but not least one of the other effective tips or eating rules for faster weight loss is to drink green tea. Studies have shown that drinking at least 3 cups of green tea per day can be very helpful with weight loss efforts. The studies show that green tea can be helpful with speeding up metabolism and can help individuals lose belly ft. Those who may be concerned about the caffeine in green tea can drink decaf tea and get the same effects. Green teas is one of the many easy things you can drink to make sure that you take advantage of fast and effective ways to get the weight loss results desired.

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