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February 17, 2014
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gaining weightSometimes we try so hard to shed extra pounds but it feels as if every effort we make leads to weight gain rather than loss. It is so confusing when you do everything and the results are completely opposite.

Here are some weird reasons you are gaining weight instead of losing it;


Depression is a major culprit and those taking meds for the condition gain weight as well.

Fix it; Your doctor might recommend antidepressants to handle your situation but you need to inform them that you are trying to lose weight.

 Sleep Patterns:

Your sleep patterns might also be the reason why you are gaining weight. If you sleep late, chances are you will have lots of after dinner snacks which translate to gained weight.

Fix it; the only way to fix it is by sleeping earlier and reducing your intake of after dinner snacks.

 Air Conditioner:

Your air conditioner is another very weird reason people gain extra kilos. Science shows that people eat less when it is hot and more when it is cold. The air conditioner maintains the body in a thermo neutral state which is a good enough recipe for weight gain.

Fix it; Set the air conditioner to the highest temperature you can stand to reduce craving for food at home.

 Very Full Fridge:

A jam packed fridge might just be the reason why your waistline won’t reduce. Even if your fridge is packed with healthy food, there is a huge chance that you will eat more than necessary and gain weight.

Fix it; Store food that will be consumed in a short time rather than filling a fridge with food to last many months

Reduced Vitamins:

This might seem untrue but reduced vitamin intake might work against your weight loss efforts. The body needs certain vitamins and minerals to keep weight in check. Inadequate supply of vitamin D, Magnesium and iron will lead to weight gain even if that is not what you want.

Fix it; Correct this and consume foods that provide such essential nutrients. Spinach and almonds provide much needed iron and magnesium respectively while you can get vitamin D from the sun.

 Sluggish Intestines:

Sluggish intestines are a majorly weird reason why you are gaining weight. When your intestines are slow, there will be fewer bowel movements and more absorption of nutrients that should have been flushed out.

Fix it; the only way to sort this out is by visiting the doctor so they can recommend metabolism boosters.

Travelling for Work:

Those who travel often for work are likely to gain weight even when their efforts are geared toward losing it. This is because of many inactive hours spent behind the wheel coupled with unhealthy on the road food. Leaving the job might not be an option but there is still so much you can do to keep your weight in control.

Fix it; Pack up loads of fruits in a portable cooler to eat on the journey. You can put healthy nuts in the glove compartment to avoid stops for unhealthy foods. Park your car once in a while and tale a brisk walk or find a hotel with a gym where you can stretch out taut muscles.


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