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April 2, 2016
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We all know that a healthy body consists of a healthy mind. Mostly we all try to keep ourselves healthy and follow a routine to do so. We do exercises, meditations, yoga maintain a balanced diet to keep ourselves fit. But sometimes something may happen to you and you find yourself taking a break from the workout for a long time. The reason may be anything like you might have injured or sick or you have a new born.

When you finally realize that you are getting out of shape and want to regain the fitness again, you start working out again. But you can feel your body is not habituated with it anymore as yours lunch are straining, your muscles are paining and you realize that you are hurting yourself.

So when you are trying to be in shape again after a long break from fitness workouts; you should start with the half which you were doing when you left those activities. Do not try to lose immediately by pushing your body hard as it may have a bad effect on your health.

For instance, a car which is been kept in a garage for many years needs warming up before you can ride it to high speeds on the roads, similarly your body also need some warm ups to get into the previous schedule. If you want to go back into the same shape by doing the same type of workout routines you were in before you quit, then your body will not support you in several ways. Since the lungs have lost their elasticity, it may be much harder for you to get oxygen into your body, and this may cause stress in your respiratory muscles and can leads to aches. As the volume of blood has decreased, the blood vessels gone smaller, your cells will not be efficient at grabbing oxygen from blood with ease, and your heart has to pump oxygen harder to your working muscles. So, sometimes you might feel that your heart is pumping out of your body. But that’s not enough you will have joint pain on elbows, knees, ankles, hips and shoulders as the blood vessels which delivers the lubricating fluids to the joints have become smaller. You will feel extremely stressed when you suddenly start for the workout after a long time. Longer the break the more time you will need to comeback. According to a research, an average person requires 6-8 weeks to return back to his shape after working out for 3 to 4 times a week. It is always better to take small steps in progress like starting walking for 10 minutes, lifting less weight so that you did not harm your muscles which can leads to soreness and may take time to recover. Keep positivity in you as this will help you to beat the stress you are facing.

How to Get Back Into Shape soon:

The good news is that our body is very much adaptive and with in just 3 to 4 weeks of workout will alert your brain to move your body more efficiently. Within certain time frame your body will adapt the changes automatically your strength of lungs and muscles will increase, will have broad blood vessels and high blood volume to carry oxygen in the muscles. At the beginning weeks start with the program which includes brisk walking, yoga and meditation.

Make walking a habit in your daily life and avoid using cars for shorter distances. Start with slow walking along the roads or park then go for jog and running.

Flexibility is often overlooked; you need to be flexible first before starting for a hard schedule. To get flexibility yoga is one of the best ideas you can go for. Try the simple poses; hold it for maximum time to get more benefit out of it. It will help your muscles to get prepare for the harder one.

Meditation is one of the best ideas to start with as it will not only heal your body but also your mind. Meditation keeps your mind stress free which helps you to focus on your aim, boost your energy level and make you a positive thinker.

You can also go for swimming as it is an excellent option as it helps to increase the heart rate without putting any stress to your joint and back. Swimming helps in stretching the whole body which is good for the beginners. It also soothes your mind when you are in water.

One can also opt for cycling as an exercise; it will help you to strengthen your calf muscles, thigh and hip. It will also improve your heart muscles and will prepare you for cardiac exercises. You can also go for easy workout videos or rock climbing.

It is not always necessary to do exercise strictly every day, one can go for a sport or even dancing. To avoid the tiredness and monotony of exercising you can just enjoy and it will help to burn the fats. Go for your favorite sport with your friends and spend a quality time. It will make both you and your body happy. Dancing will help you to warm up a bit more than you do normally as it includes rapidly heart beating and will help you to breathe easily.

A food full of nutrients is very much essential with a healthy exercise. Try to include lots of fresh fruits and green vegetables in your diet. The minerals and vitamins in them will help you body to recover fast from the wear and tear. Try to avoid sugary and oil food as they will have an adverse effect in your body and will make you more fat and lazy. Try to have homemade food with fewer calories in it. Include fibers in your meal it will help your digestive system. Do not go for dieting as it not a better option because your body needs energy to work and repair the muscles. Dieting can leads to weakness. Try to have small meals after small intervals. Keep your stomach a little bit empty and avoid over eating. Try to not to have sodas; quit smoking and intake of alcohols as they harm your system and can be an obstacle in your path of success.

Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses to water every day it also helps to burn the fat of the body easily. It makes easier to intoxicate you body and keeps your system clean and hydrate your body. Try to have a complete sleep of 8 to 10 hours a day, as proper sleep will keep your mind stress free and will provide rest to your aching muscles.

Do not try to beat yourself at first, avoid focusing on how fit you were earlier. It will not only discourage you but also will built tension which is again harmful. But try to keep a track of performance when you begin with and have faith in yourself. In the beginning of your journey count each and every effort you put in your workout as small changes makes big differences. Keep in your mind that your primarily goal is to get healthy and fit first rather than loosing which is secondary, just feel better and motivate to gain more and more energy. Try to make a plan or follow a chart which will have the details you have to do on daily or weekly basis. Do not stretch you at first. Try to mix all kind of activities from simple step to harder ones. A proper schedule will assists you to regain your shape in a proper way.

It is always advisable to consult a doctor before you start to get back in shape; as they will diagnosed you and guide you which and how much exercise you need for it. If you are suffering from any chronic illness such as arthritis and heart problems they can advice you best way to cope up with your problematic areas.

Always try to focus on short term results rather than long ones. Losing a single pound makes a huge difference because at least you are trying to do it. If you only are de-motivated then your body will also not support you and may take much more time to recover than expected by you; as mind is connected to your body. Do not get influenced by others, what they think or what they say about you. Just have faith in yourself and go for it with a calm mind. Remember you are doing this for you and not for others, so avoid negativity around you and enjoy every work out and the time you are spending to get in shape. What mostly people do is that they star with a great pomp but gradually they gradually lose interest as they think they may not achieve their respective goal. So first prepare yourself and aim your goal and try to follow the path you have chosen to get your goals. Do not get frustrated after working for few weeks have patience to get the desired results. If you step back then will never be able to get to the same place again and your body will blame you for your laziness.

Once you have passed the first step by working out for first 2 to 4 weeks, now you can begin by adding more weights and doing harder exercises to stretch to body power and energy. May be by the end of sixth or seven week you will be able to do the same as you were doing earlier before you left. If you are doing special exercises like focusing on cardiovascular such as running then the best strategy will be if you use easy and hard intervals like first run and the walk and the again run and so on. It will help to get your cardiac muscles strong and will help you to breathe properly without as hassles which you were facing when you begin with it. You can also consult a trainer to guide and make it an easier and simpler task for you. Focus on your problem areas where the fat is stored, you can go for squats, lunges, deadlifts, leg press, hamstring press to strengthen your lower body or go for bench press, shoulder press, bicep curls, bent over row and power clean to strengthen your upper body. Stretching helps a lot to relief pains and aches, improves the motion increases ones performance and decreases the risk of injuries associated with the work outs. Stretching is necessary before you start for your work out plan and completes it. Do not continue exercise for a long time try to take rest in between and have some fluids to hydrate your body or you can have energy drinks to boost your energy level. The workout should not last more than an hour or two. Try to cover all the areas and give priorities to the most effected ones.

Understand your body first, try to get the signals your body is sending you such as fatigue to know where are the limit of everyday session and stop there. Do not start until your body permits you to do so. If you will push hard it will harm nothing else but your body. Pushing your body can leads to injury, which again will force you to stop and take time out of your workout schedule. Try to avoid making excuses for not doing the exercise; in spite of that you can try to involve exercise in everything you do like go with your pet for a walk, use staircase in place of elevators, do not sit at the work place for a longer time take few steps and walk around when possible, walk to your colleagues desk to ask something rather than text them from your desk, or go for outdoor sports. Only your will and hard work can help you to get back to your shape.