Top 10 Reasons to Drop 10 percent of Your Bodyweight This Year

drop body weightObesity is a condition characterized by an unhealthy body mass. This is caused by poor dieting and lack of exercise. Losing weight improves one’s health and confidence. Anyone who is overweight should focus on shedding off the extra pounds for their wellbeing. This article will focus on the top 10 reasons to drop 10% of your body weight this year.

To improve your blood pressure – losing weight will stabilize your blood pressure levels. One is prone to suffer from this disease when they are overweight. Excess fat tissues require nutrients and oxygen to live. These tissues require more blood hence the vessels work twice as much to enable circulation. This workload increase to the heart means more blood pumping via additional vessels. More blood circulation means more pressure on the walls of the artery and this increases blood pressure.
Cholesterol level’s are lowered and heart health is improved- Too much weight is likely to raise one’s heart rate reducing the ability of the body in transporting blood. Atherosclerosis is a condition where the arteries harden. Obese people are 10 times more likely to have it due to fatty deposits in the arteries supplying the heart. Arteries that are narrow and a reduced flow of blood can bring about chest pains and even heart attack or a stroke which is caused by blood clots in the arteries.
Less risk of having diabetes- Obesity leads to insulin resistance, insulin being the blood sugar regulating hormone. When there is insulin resistance sugar level’s elevates. Diabetes is nowadays common in younger children with obesity problems.
Enhances your sex life – Sex is an activity that requires much of agility and joint movement. Being overweight makes one less confident and less active. Women especially feel unsexy and shy away from participating in sexual activities this leading eventually to broken marriages.
Provides better sleep for those with sleep apnea – This is a condition that interrupts sleep all through the night by causing stops in your breathing for short periods. This makes one sleepy through the day and heavy snoring. Obesity causes restricted breathing by the chest walls squeezing the lungs.
Less back pains and joint diseases and less pain for those with arthritis – Obesity affects the knees and hips due to stress placed by extra weight. Losing weight makes one feel lighter.
Improves your breathing- Being obese adds weight to the chest walls and this suppresses the lungs. It is hard to take part in activities comfortably without panting.
Reduces the risk of getting breast and colon cancer – Obesity in women increases the risk of having cancer of the breast, colon and uterus. In men it increase the risk of prostrate and colon cancers.
Better health in your gall bladder – People with extra weight face more risk of getting gall bladder cancer due to the pressure caused by their weight.
Increases your energy levels – It is hard being active when you are obese. Losing weight makes you confident and free to move. This makes you want to do more naturally and improves your energy to work.The Phen375 weight loss pill helps to control ones appetite by making you consume less calories. It works by suppressing appetite and burning fat. It is safe, efficient and it is inexpensive. Its readily available in pharmacies and even online.

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